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Published books

What I saw from the window

"The window is the threshold and the passage between what is inside and what is outside of us. From it we can contemplate the details of the world and turn our eyes, at the same time, to our own conscience. , published in 2021 by Editora Viseu , Maria Eduarda Andára Fagundes makes this constant movement of opening and closing the curtains, letting herself be consumed by the outside landscape while welcoming in her verses the memories of past loves, nostalgia and nostalgia. "​

The ocean inside of us

"The first work by Maria Eduarda Andára Fagundes, The ocean inside of us, is an independent publication project by the Creative Writing group at the Schirley Fleck Center , in Novo Hamburgo. the book emerged between the group's conversations, always serving as inspiration for artistic productions. This work features the poems by Maria Eduarda, and illustrations by Jolise Pedroso, Isis Perez Joner and Gabriel Nunes."

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