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"Poetry can exist in the most everyday things, but it must never, never be common."

 ― Dead Poets Society, Peter Weir

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Hi, I'm Duda

Writer and poet, passionate about sharing my poetic gaze and inspiring others to venture into the world of writing

Maria Eduarda Andára Fagundes is a teacher and writer from Estância Velha, RS. Always passionate about writing, and especially poetry, in 2014 she made her first participation in the poetic anthology “Multiverso” and then started publishing her poems on a blog. In 2019, she independently published her first book of authorial poetry, The ocean in us, in partnership with the Shirley Fleck Center, in Novo Hamburgo, RS. What I saw from the window,  published in 2020 by Editora Viseu is her second book.


Get to know my work

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What I saw from the window

The window is the threshold and the passage between what is inside and what is outside of us. From it, we can contemplate the minutiae of the world and turn our eyes, at the same time, to our own consciousness. In What I saw from the window, published in 2021 by Editora Viseu, Maria Eduarda Andára Fagundes makes this constant movement of opening and closing the curtains, letting herself be consumed by the outside landscape while welcoming in her verses the memories of past loves, nostalgia, and nostalgia.

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The ocean in us

The first work by Maria Eduarda Andára Fagundes, The ocean in us, is an independent publication project by the Creative Writing group at the Schirley Fleck Center in Novo Hamburgo. The work came about with the intention of sharing the great ideas of daydreams that emerged between the group's conversations, always serving as inspiration for artistic productions. This work features poems by Maria Eduarda, and illustrations by Jolise Pedroso, Isis Perez Joner and Gabriel Nunes. 


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We welcome arts in all its forms, photographs, paintings, illustrations, and of course poetry.

The blog "Write there Duda" was created with the intention not only of promoting my own art, but also of opening space for us to create a community of artists and supporters.

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