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My writing has always been love, but it has never stopped being political

This a rant not only about Politics, but mainly about how it can alter the vision I have of the people I love and leave me without understanding how we got here.

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It may be quite shocking to you who know me and disagree with me politically, but you are also to blame for my political opinion. I learned from you, I listened to you, and now I ask you to listen to my side of the narrative.

You saw me go to University, but maybe you didn't know that many of the programs that I always dreamed of doing were extinguished because of the scrapping of education.

You saw me almost lose my life, and you know that I would have spent nearly two hours on the asphalt if it wasn't for SUS. So for me, and for many like me, to defend the privatization of a health care system that is recognized as one of the best in the world, is to wish that I hadn't had this chance to live.

Maybe you pretended that you didn't see when my friends and I had to stop going to places that had green-yellow flags, for fear of the violent attacks on minorities. We had to watch what we wore, and what we talked about, out of fear.

And you certainly saw the delay in vaccination, the jokes. They mocked "stay at home, we'll talk about the economy later," but in this conflict, we didn't take care of the lives, losing 687,000, or the economy, because, besides everything, you can't pretend that you don't see your shopping cart getting emptier every month.

But I saw a lot too, I saw people who taught me about love, respect, empathy, and compassion expose their most prejudiced and violent thoughts. I still see the good in you, the heart that is still red, and it is for you too that I stand this way. For the times I have heard from you: "All who wield the sword, by the sword shall die.

I have heard once from someone who cares about me: "Take care of others when you are going up, for you may meet them again when you fall.

I heard it, and that is why I vote for those who I know care for those who need it most, who brought our country out of hunger, and who cared for the poorest.

I don't understand the disappointment of some of you,

This is how you raised me,

teaching me about love, respect, and empathy.

Showing me that none of us is alone.

So what surprises you?

If I suddenly use my voice to embrace my brothers,

and spread all the love I feel for each one of them,

regardless of who they are.

This thought has always been here,

Between the lines of my heart and my poetry.

My writing has always been love, but it has never stopped being political.

Maybe you just didn't get it


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